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OTR Backup 11/01/2011

This Week in Science and EducationAn internet science show for teachers and students.tags:scienceeducationodosketch | Digital Delights for Learners | Scoop.itDigital Delights for Learners
“Sites for learning & developing creativity ”tags:learnersscoopcreativityWorldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before | Digital Delights for Learners | Scoop.itDigital Delights for Learners
“Sites for learning & developing creativity ”tags:worldlearnersscoopHow to Write a Bio That Gets ReadIn this fast-paced world many people suffer from information overload, and understanding how to write a bio that gets read is more important now than ever. Lately, I have been coaching social media personalities as well as artists on how to write a bio, so I decided to share my writing tips with you.tags:biogetshow to7 Ways to Simplify Your Life with #Box50GB | The Box BlogAvoid sending emails back and forth – and the inevitable email chain of doom – by inviting your classmates to a shared folder…

OTR Backup 10/31/2011

prefuse | interactive information visualization toolkitPrefuse is a set of software tools for creating rich interactive data visualizations. The original prefuse toolkit provides a visualization framework for the Java programming language. The prefuse flare toolkit provides visualization and animation tools for ActionScript and the Adobe Flash Player.tags:visualizationjavaopensourcegraphsoftwareprogramminglibrarygraphicsApp Store - Freefall MathFreefall Math is a fun and unique way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app is designed for quick thinking and can be tailored for a beginner and more advanced student.tags:mathpracticefreefallTweeting World War II live, 72 years laterSomething for the history buffs.tags:alwyncollinsonrealtimewwiitweetingworldwariitwitterDaily Dot | Historian brings World War II to TwitterThat’s where Twitter’s @RealTimeWWII comes in. Similar to Twitter feeds that serve as catch-all sources news of specific movements, @RealTime…

OTR Backup 10/30/2011

Free File Sharing - Minus.comFree file serving / sharing servicetags:storagefilesharingcloudMinus.comsharingfile_sharingFilealmacenamientoGrant and receive favors with your social network - is where founders and professionals broadcast and fulfill each other's requests for help. Requests can be as simple as a retweet or as important as an intro, and all requests are tracked to reveal who you help and who helps you the most.tags:socialnetworkfavorssocial networkNew Study Reveals Student Perspective on Technology Use in Higher Education -- Campus TechnologyCollege students believe that technology has a direct impact on their academic performance, according to findings from a new student-driven study out of the Lone Star College System. In “The National Lone Star Report on Aligning Technology with Student Success,” 78 percent of college students reported that their grades and learning experience are improved when technology is effectively and consistently implemented on…

OTR Backup 10/29/2011

Free teaching resources for special educationNice collection of resources - don't forget to share with parents for home use.tags:newcontentresourcessenteachersiteupdatesteachingBloom's Taxonomy for 21st Century Learning | Scoop.itBloom's Taxonomy for 21st Century Learning
“Resources for using Bloom's Revised Taxonomy for 21st Century Learning”

***Use with some caution - just because someone else categorized something some way doesn't carve it in stone.tags:bloomstaxonomyweb2.0taxonomybloom'sbloomseducationbloomipadMuMu PlayerMuMu Player is a free online music space that lets you and your friends listen to music together.tags:musicaudiopodcastplayersocialcollaborationSMARTBoard for SchoolsHuge collection of resources for the use of SMART Boards in the classroom.tags:smartboardresourcesinteractiveiwbtechnologyToporopa: Geography of EuropeEverything geography about Europe.tags:geographyeuropemapsinteractivehistorygametoporopaeducationHome Page : SEN Teacher ~ Free t…

OTR Backup 10/28/2011

Halloween - LiveBinderCollection of Hallowe'en resourcestags:halloweenlivebinderWhatfolio - Create a Homepage for Yourself, Band, Business or Portfolio in miniutes - For Web, Mobile & iPad - BetaCreate a Whatfolio Add your favourite feeds and networks, add a bio, add your info and have one place to share your content from around the web.tags:webportfolioSpoolSave articles and videos for later. Even offline.tags:articlesvideostoolsmobilespooliphoneweb2.0watchlater - Watch videos on your iPadBookmark. Share. Cache.
Videos anywhere & anytime.tags:bookmarkvideoreadingPicfull - Free One Click Photo EditingEdit your photo using a selection of filters and then share ittags:photoseditingphotoeditingimagephotographygraphicseditorWeb2.01000names - homeMy grade ones and twos want to know what 1000 looks like. We are collecting 1000 names. Can you help us by adding your name to our wiki? Just click on edit at the top of the page, add the next number and your name AT THE BOTTOM, then cl…

OTR Backup 10/27/2011

Cube for Teachers BlogCube for Teachers has just been released to all Faculty of Education students across Ontario. We are the only FREE curriculum-based social bookmarking community designed exclusively for K-12 Ontario teachers! tags:cubeteachersblogCrosswordPremium Crossword is an online crossword puzzle game using the words and content from your list.* Make a crossword puzzle that uses content created especially for your students by entering your word list and customizing the sentences!tags:crosswordlanguagepuzzlegameWelcome to About World LanguagesThe Technology Development Group (TDG) is proud to present a one-stop information website dedicated to the world’s most important and populous languages. We provide quality, dependable, customer-driven IT services including design, integration and support to Government and Private Sector clients.tags:languageslanguageworldfactsworld languagesaboutworldlanguageshistoryloteClockblock Time Management - Visual To-Do List SoftwareClockbloc…

OTR Backup 10/26/2011

A New Understanding of the Digital Divide | EdutopiaAs an urban teacher whose students are often lacking access to a computer and the Internet at home, I have strong opinions and experiences with the digital divide. I decided to do some research to see where my students fit into the current trends.tags:DigitalDivideedutopiaWhy you shouldn’t do BYOD « The Spicy Learning BlogHere are some of the real reasons you shouldn’t do BYOD:tags:spicylearningblogswissmiss | A Free, Open, Curriculum for Web EducationWaSP InterACT is a community driven project that offers a free, open, curriculum for web education.

Schools that teach web design struggle to keep pace with our industry, and those just starting their curricula often set off in the wrong direction because the breadth and depth of our medium can be daunting.tags:freecurriculumwebeducationPeopledock : Enterprise Social and Collaboration Platform.An Awesome
Social Intranet For Your Officetags:socialcollaborationenterpriseNewsBlurNews is just…

OTR Backup 10/25/2011

Kyoo ChannelsKyoo aggregates resources from multiple sources and places them into one.tags:resourcesnewscurrentbuzzHomeLiquid Information is about giving you smoother information systems, focusing on how we interact with text.

To this end we have produced the free Liquid Information Add-Ons for Web Browsers (Firefox, Chrome & Safari), Liquid Information for Web Servers and WordPress as well as a Beta for for Windows | The Internet, peer will be a distributed, open-source platform for the collaborative evaluation of information. It will enable sentence-level critique of written words combined with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use model of community peer-review. It will work as an overlay on top of any stable content, including news, blogs, scientific articles, books, terms of service, ballot initiatives, legislation and regulations, software code and more-without requiring participation of the un…