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More than ever

This is a very scary piece of information from Sophos.,144181-pg,1/article.htmlThere are those that would make our computer come to its knees. But, 1 Million viruses? That’s a scary number to try and get your head around. It’s just another affirmation of the need to make sure that your anti-malware products are up to date and patched with the latest and greatest. At the same time, your anti-malware product needs to be updated at the same time.Sometimes, I think that we all get smug and confident that we’re doing the right thing and our system does its best to keep us safe. Is it really?If you want to find out just how big this is? Take a visit to the Secunia security website. You can subscribe to a mailer that lets you know when a security patch is released. We all suffer in this context. Depending upon the anti-malware that you’re using, your computer’s performance may take a hit as it scans files or downloads updates. Booting your computer …